Gum Gel Kit


The kit conta ins:
Ÿ Gum Gel 5ml-Moderately soft, clear builder gel with a soft blush shade. Extremely flexible, formable gel. Easy to shape, file. It can be applied in the salon work perfectly. Very easy to handle. Because of its strong adhesion,apply it under any builder gel as a base at problematic clients. Moves together with the natural nail plate, that is why it wonÕt lift and break.Because of its flexibility, it recommended to use it for the sculpting ofnails with minimal length. Apply it with a softer brush: Xtreme Gel brush,6 Gel or Nero Merlo II. brush.
Ÿ Easy Off White Gel 5ml
Ÿ Cover Mani Gel
Ÿ Easy Off Top Gel 4ml
Ÿ Cleanser 40ml
Ÿ wiping sponges
Ÿ Nail from samples

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For professional use only
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