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Flexible and soak off gel polish, due to the glass effect you can create
different types of effects. They can be combined with any type of 3 STEP
CrystaLac or ONE STEP CrystaLac. Easy to use, just like the other 3
STEP CrystaLac gel polishes. Apply it to a refined or sticky surface, then
cover it with Super Shine Optic or 0/clear ONE STEP CrystaLac or Clear/
Top 0 CrystaLac. They work perfectly with top gels, for example: Xtreme
Top Shine, Top Seal, Top Seal Light.
Perfect for covering the whole nail surface and for creating nail art
Total cure time in UV lamp 3-4 mins, 2-3 mins in LED.

Gel Polish

Glassy Crystalac

R220.00 inc. VAT