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LIQUIDS- Monomer – Strong liquids with maximal adhesion. The winner materials of the international champion.

The top quality liquids provide proper cure time for the nail acrylic powders. The Crystal Liquid has blue colour, and due to its components it provides flexibility for the material while creating the nail design or the sculpting. The UV liquid is an odourless, clear material. You have unlimited time to create the nails as it only cures in the UV lamp. The Odourless Liquid is a clear, odourless material. A thin sticky layer forms on it surface. Requires less filing.

Acrylic Supplies

Liquid Blue UV Odourless

R590.00 inc. VAT

Acrylic Supplies

Liquid Refill, Blue 500 ml


Acrylic Supplies

Liquid, Blue

R290.00R580.00 inc. VAT
R260.00 inc. VAT

Acrylic Supplies

Primer Stick

R150.00 inc. VAT