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Natural pink and their micaceous variations, which make the nail regrowth free. It is suggested to work a bit dryer with them.

Cover Pink Powders are primarily used for the aesthetic extension of the nail bed and for covering the natural smile line while the nail is growing. Has the same color as the natural nail bed. Comes in a variety of colorways to ensure that you find the shade that is the best fit for the skin tone of the client at hand. To achieve flawless coverage, apply it in a thicker layer along the smile line, gradually thinning the applied layer as you progress towards the cuticles. For a more vivid colour effect, apply transparent pink acrylic powder onto Cover Pink.

Cover Pink – The most popular colourway. Warm feel, matches the skin tone of most clients.

Cover Pink Next – Darker purple with a cool feel, provides outstanding coverage. Looks great when combined with brighter free edges.

Cover Pink X – Bright baby pink with a cool feel. Outstanding coverage, looks great when combined with darker free edges. Recommended for lighter skin tones.

Cover Pink XX – Brownish color with a warm feel. Outstanding coverage. Cures slower. Recommended for darker skin tones.

Cover Pink Crystal – Beautiful pearly colour with an icy silver shine. Cover Pink base with a cool feel, matches the skin tone of most clients.

Cover Pink Diamond – Beautiful pearly colour with a pink and golden sparkle. Cover Pink base with a warm feel, matches the skin tone of most clients.


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Cover Pink XX Master Powder


Acrylic Supplies

Cover X Acrylic Powder