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Developed with champion nail technicians for the profession’s future champions, Crystal Nails Acrylic Nail Supplies are revolutionary feats of chemical engineering. From monomers to easily spreadable acrylic powders boosted with a non-yellowing formula – Acrylic Master Powders, Acrylic Cover Powders, and Acrylic Color Powders, to name just a few -, you’ll find all the materials you need to sculpt beautiful acrylic nails.

The main characteristics of the Crystal Nails acrylic system were selected by the instructions of champion educators. Due to the fine grinding, the acrylic bead is creamy, and can be spread easily. Contain non-yellowing formula.

In this category you can find the following acrylic nail supplies:

Liquids – monomers: This category contains the essential acrylic nail products: the top quality liquids and remover fluids. The liquids provides adhesion and flexibility to the acrylic powders.

Master Powders have faster cure time, and they are recommended for nail techs with more experience.

Cover Powders have good coverage, and they can be found in a wide range of colors. The Cover Powders are for the aesthetic extension of the nail bed.

Slower Powders: Slower cure time characterizes them, so you can shape them for a longer time. They have creamy consistency and non-yellowing formula.

Easy Powders: Because of the fine grinded grains, you can file this acrylic type easier.

Color powders: Choose from a wide range of effects and hundreds of color acrylic nail powders.

Acrylic Supplies

Brilliant Colour Powder

R240.00 inc. VAT
R250.00R340.00 inc. VAT

Colour Powder

Decor Colour Powder

R250.00 inc. VAT
R240.00 inc. VAT

Acrylic Supplies

CN Soak Off Foil 100pcs


Acrylic Supplies

CN WonderForm 200 pcs


Acrylic Supplies

Cover Pink XX Master Powder


Acrylic Supplies

Cover X Acrylic Powder


Acrylic Supplies

Liquid Refill, Blue 500 ml